the author

I'm Geoffrey Crofte, author of the CreativeJuiz blog and numerous articles and tutoriels for the French magazines Web Design, Création Photo and Avanced Creation. I work as Designer and Web Designer to Alsacréations, an excellent agency in Strasbourg renowned for the quality of its work and its formations.

My work on the plugins which are presented to you here is totally voluntary and offers me no payment. My motivation has nothing to do with the money, it concerned this constant will to progress by working on the concrete. This concrete is represented by these modest plugins.

the plugins

Fruits of numerous working hours, these plugins are proposed to you in a completely free way. Spread for the greater part under CreativeCommons (BY-NC-SA) license, the commercial use is forbidden, except different agreement establishes contractually with the author. Also, it is up to you to quote the author in footer of the web site using one of these plugins, or on one of its public pages. You are authorized to modify and to redistribute these plugins under conditions of sharing as before, always by quoting the original author.

By using these plugins, you recognize that they arise from a work of experiment and do not claim to be able to be totally functional in the multitudes of contexts that a web site can offer. Corrections will be brought of time to other to plan these contexts and correct possible bugs.

How to quote the author

It 's very nice to ask you to quote the author, but I'm maybe going to supply you some simple examples to be spared time. It'll also allow you not to ask you too much question on the most adapted way. The ideal for you, if you don't wish to enlarge your footer, is to place one of these codes on the page Legal terms, About, or quite other similar page.

Some examples :

<p>Name_of_plugin by
<a href="http://creativejuiz.cc" title="Plugins jQuery">CreativeJuiz</a></p>
<p>Name_of_plugin by 
<a href="http://creativejuiz.fr" title="Plugins jQuery">Geoffrey&nbsp;Crofte</a></p>
<p>Plugin built since the works of 
<a href="http://creativejuiz.fr" title="Plugins jQuery">Geoffrey&nbsp;Crofte</a></p>

Some thanks

Thanks to Christine for her tests in Mac web browsers, and for her photographies which I use on some of my demonstrations.
Thanks to Alsacréations for its trainings.

Finally, thanks to you for your reading and your attention.

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